Kate McCann arrived to face further police questioning today during which she expects to be a made formal suspect in the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine.

Mrs McCann, 39, faced a barrage of journalists and onlookers as she entered the police station in Portimao, Portugal.

The GP from Rothley in Leicestershire had only emerged from the same police station ten hours earlier after facing almost 11 hours of questioning last night. The fact that she was expecting to be made an "arguido" - a formal suspect - was revealed this morning.

Commenting on the move, her spokesman said: "She is shocked and surprised in several ways. First of all, that such an accusation could be made against her.

"And obviously she is concerned that such a line of investigation can become a distraction from further attempts to find Madeleine."

Her brother-in-law John McCann said the prospect of Kate becoming a suspect was "unbelievable".

Speaking from his home in Glasgow, he said: "We just need to see what exactly is going to develop in Portugal.

"We just want to see exactly what the Portuguese police are saying.

"We cannot believe the line that they are going down - we just find it unbelievable."