As the dust settles on Matthew Macklin's British title defeat against Jamie Moore last Friday, it is clear his blueprint for success was ripped up and discarded within seconds of entering ring.

The 24-year-old was involved in one of the classic bouts of 2006 before succumbing to a knockout punch from the current British light-middleweight champion in the tenth round.

While Macklin performed with courage and power, trainer Billy Graham insists their gameplan was chucked out of the window within three minutes.

Macklin attacked his opponent with gusto from the opening bell and seemed intent on securing an early finish.

Such a frenetic pace, however, was always going to be nigh on impossible to maintain and a combination of dehydration, exhaustion and a left hook curtailed his dream.

Graham, who has become an iconic figure due to his nurturing of Ricky Hatton, admitted that Macklin completely disregarded his instructions but refuses to castigate the 24-year-old.

"I was devastated, seeing him throw it away like that," admitted Graham. "Those weren't my tactics, but he's my fighter and we win together and lose together. He can remember everything about the fight and I think he knows he threw it away. He did exactly what we said we weren't going to do.

"He just felt amazing in the dressing room and he just decided to go out there and try and destroy him.

"I asked him after the second round 'What are you doing? Why are you fighting like this?' But he was like a man possessed.

"He's a passionate fighter and when he hurt Jamie in the first round, he just thought 'Right! Now I'm gonna get you out of here!"

"Once he started down that route, there was no turning back but, the thing is, even doing exactly the wrong thing, he still almost won.

"Not taking anything away from Jamie Moore - I can't praise that kid enough - but for someone as clever as Matt to make the mistake of fighting exactly how Jamie would have thought he was going to..." said Graham as his voice tailed off, deep in thought.

Yet Graham is not the sort of trainer to dwell on past mistakes and wallow in self-pity.

He is already working towards the next stage of Macklin's masterplan, with the defeat against Moore unlikely to derail their belief that a glittering future awaits his protege.

"Matt looks a right mess and his eyes are two slits but, considering what's happened, he's in a good frame of mind. He's joking and talking about coming back to the gym and what we're gonna put right," added Graham with assurance, rather than arrogance.

"Moore and Matt were joking and praising each other. Both of them fought with so much bravery. I really hope that Jamie goes on to do anything and everything that he wants to do because he really deserves it.

"He showed that incredible bravery, which we already knew he had, as well as those 'ring smarts' I warned Matt about."

"But he had to learn the hard way. He can't let his passion and heart do his thinking for him.

"I told him I could punch him one myself for throwing all of our strategy away, but I am so incredibly proud of him. In boxing, being heroic isn't a hanging offence.

"Matt's defence wasn't great at times but I think that was because he was so keen to get in with his own shots. I always thought Matt was going to be a courageous fighter but you never know for sure until he actually has to show it.

"Well he showed it on Friday night, didn't he? The rest, I am sure we can put right."