Live web TV streaming: Thursday 3rd November, at 3pm

If you’ve ever ventured out into the snow or ice in your car you’ll know it can be scary, dangerous and treacherous to navigate your vehicle while skidding around in low visibility.

But despite the fact winter driving requires a lot of skill and a vehicle that can handle the conditions, new research shows that millions of us continue to drive in terrible British winter conditions without really preparing ourselves for the journey ahead.

Unlike other European countries like Germany where winter driving is almost an artform and regulated by the Government, in the UK most of us don’t change to winter tyres, and most of us have never been given lessons in driving in snow and ice.

Furthermore, with a severe cold snap approaching once more this year, how many of us have started packing an emergency kit to chuck in the boot in case we break down and get stuck in freezing conditions for hours on end?

Motoring expert Quentin Willson has teamed up with Goodyear to help drivers prepare for winter by giving driving and preparation tips for keeping safe this winter.

We'll be live streaming a web TV show here on November 3 as Quentin, along with Kate Rock from Goodyear, show you how to drive for the conditions and what could happen if you’re not prepared.

The TV show will appear below on this page on Thursday, November 3, from 3pm, so make sure you bookmark this page if you want to watch and take part.

You can also submit a question to the show before it is streamed, by filling out the form on this page.