Sales of Land Rovers have continued a growth trend in the UK after a 27 per cent in new registrations in February – as Jaguar suffered a fall.

A total of 828 Land Rovers were sold in the UK last month, compared to 652 in February 2011, as the cars remain in demand.

Meanwhile, the number of Jaguars sold fell from 277 in February 2011 to just 198 last month.

The results came against a backdrop of new car sales slowing last month, figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show.

There were 61,868 new registrations in February 2012 – a drop of 2.5 per cent on the February 2011 figure.

“The February new car market was broadly in line with industry expectations, with a welcome increase in private retail activity,” said SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt.

Thirty-three Midland-made Aston Martins were sold to the home market during the month, while a total of 103 MGs were sold, compared to just eight in February 2011.