Dear Editor, Could anything have looked more feeble than the appearance of the Kraft Vice President Marc Firestone before the House of Commons Business Select Committee? (Post March 18)

Apparently Kraft are so incompetent that despite launching a multi-billion pound deal for Cadbury, they failed to notice that Cadbury had a ‘secret’ plan to invest £100million in Poland. The truth was exposed that they were prepared to play any card and say anything to win the bid.

I thought that the committee and the union representatives exposed Kraft as a bunch of untrustworthy incompetents – what a shame that its chief executive Irene Rosenfield who masterminded the deal couldn’t appear let alone have the courtesy to appear in the House of Commons.

I felt sorry for local man Trevor Bond, who previously headed up Cadbury in the UK, and who now works for Kraft – he looked very uncomfortable and I don’t blame him – after all you are known by your friends! I know Trevor to be an excellent executive manager who deserves better.

The omens, however, for Cadbury, its brands and its workers couldn’t be worse than they are now under Kraft.

They have already closed the excellent Cadbury pension scheme I understand.

Ray Woods,