Cadbury’s new owner, Kraft, has announced the first job losses in Birmingham since its controversial takeover last month, the Birmingham Post has learned.

A total of 150 white-collar workers in the legal, finance and communications departments are at risk of redundancy.

The chocolate maker has confirmed that a 90-day formal consultation with staff at Bournville and the head office in Uxbridge, London, is now under way, although it declined to give figures on exactly where the jobs will go.

The consultation is the first to affect workers at Bournville since the US conglomerate agreed the £11.7 billion takeover.

Cadbury said the review of global corporate positions was due to the overlap between the two companies and the de-listing from the London Stock Exchange which takes place on Monday, March 8.

A spokesman for Cadbury said: “The consultation affects the global corporate functions. Cadbury was a FTSE company but Kraft is not listed in the UK so the function will no longer exist.”