A controversial exhibition, showing paintings of Jesus drinking and larking about with pals, is to be shown in the Shropshire village of Clun.

Having attracted much comment at the Edinburgh Festival, the exhibition - called "Jesus Laughing and Loving"- comprises work from 35 artists from 16 countries.

Many artists work in the style of their indigenous cultures and show Jesus behaving in a variety of ways that may not be familiar images.

One of the pictures shows Jesus raising a glass, surrounded by male friends with his arm around one of them, entitled The First Summer.

Another shows him with tribal people; and a third called Joking Jesus depicts him as a performer in a temple of cartoon-type people.

Exhibition organiser Michael Newman said: "It caused lots of comments when staged in Edinburgh as some of the interpretations of Jesus are not predictable.

"They may surprise or could even shock some people, but we hope visitors will be open-minded."

The venue for the pictures will be the Methodist chapel in Clun after members of local churches made efforts to secure it for the town.

The exhibition will be opened officially by Kathy Priddis, the wife of the Bishop of Hereford, herself an artist of international renown.

The exhibition itself is open from April 21 until May 3 every afternoon from 2pm - 6pm and from 10am - 6pm on Saturdays.