Supermodel Jodie Kidd will be bringing a ‘Polo in the Park’ roadshow to Birmingham to promote a revamp of the sport's rules. 

The sport's new 'Twenty20' rules - more teams, fewer players per team, smaller pitches and mixed teams - are designed to produce more speed, more goals and more spectator interaction.

The World Polo Series' Polo In The Park takes place at Hurlingham Park in London in June, but in the lead-up to the tournament, a roadshow will be making its way around Britain to increase the sport's appeal. 

The roadshow is due to visit Birmingham in April to teach would-be polo enthusiasts about the merits and magic of the match. 

Since 2007, more than half of all new polo players in the UK are women. As the sport opens up to a wider audience, schoolchildren are also being encouraged to give it a go.

The World Polo Series - June 4,5,6
The World Polo Series will be a succession of Polo In The Park events in a central location of six major cities worldwide, with a team from each participating country playing in the tournament; London, New York, Moscow, Barbados, Geneva, Milan, Durban and Sydney.