Scotland Yard has said any new lines of inquiry in the Jill Dando murder case would be investigated after reports emerged that she was killed by a West Midlands-based Serbian criminal.

Several witnesses are said to have come forward claiming they heard a criminal of Serb descent boast of the TV presenter's killing.

He said her murder was an act of revenge for the bombing of Belgrade by Nato in 1999, it is reported.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: "After the trial we said any new lines of inquiry that are generated we will look at.

"We are not commenting on specific lines of inquiry."

Miss Dando, 37, was shot once in the head outside her home in Fulham, south-west London, on April 26, 1999.

Barry George was acquitted of her murder during a retrial last year. He spent eight years bars for the crime.

After his acquittal, Scotland Yard said it was keeping the murder investigation open as a top detective was given the go-ahead to review evidence to find new leads.

The way Miss Dando was killed led to theories that she might have been targeted by a professional hitman - possibly hired by a criminal imprisoned due to publicity on BBC's Crimewatch programme, which she presented.

But it also was also suggested during Mr George's first trial that her death could have been revenge for Nato air strikes on the former Yugoslavia.