Birmingham-born chart-topper Jamelia (right) has started a war with the WAGs after branding them all "leeches".

The singer, currently at number 11 in the singles chart with her latest song, Something About You, hit out at the footballers' wives and girlfriends during an interview, and singled Alex Curran (left) out for special criticism.

Jamelia, 25, from Aston, said: "Footballers' wives are like leeches, feeding off their partner's success.

"I didn't seek out Darren because he's a footballer. I have my own career, my own life and without Darren I'd still be Jamelia. God forbid if Alex Curran split up with Steve Gerrard. Who would she be then?"

But Liverpool star Gerrard's fiancee hit back with some cutting comments of her own about Jamelia's partner, Millwall striker Darren Byfield.

Asked about Jamelia's comments, Curran told OK! magazine: "I couldn't believe it. I have never met her but she accused me of getting by on three grapes a day, suggesting I'm anorexic or something. She said she was disgusted she even knew my name.

"It's because I'm engaged to one of the most famous footballers in the country. I can't help that."

Jamelia did however have some kind words to say about Wayne Rooney's girlfriend, Coleen McLoughlin: "Coleen's chosen to do something positive with her fame. She supports charities and has made her own money."