Workers at Jaguar Land Rover have voted overwhelmingly to accept an industry-leading pay deal – with a two-year rise securing their jobs for a decade.

Unite said 74 per cent of workers at Castle Bromwich and Solihull and Halewood accepted the deal, which will see pay increase by five per cent this year and by RPI inflation plus 0.5 per cent the following year.

The deal cements the future for around 16,000 workers across the company for at least another decade, according to Unite.

Union official Des Quinn said: “The workforce is over the moon. They can now look forward to the future in the knowledge that their jobs and livelihoods are secure for years to come.

“In these worrying times for workers and their families it is great to have some good news, but it is no more than these workers deserve.

“It also shows what can be achieved when a manufacturer works with the union and backs Britain.

“These are the sort of jobs – highly skilled and secure – which are essential if our country is to grow its way back to economic prosperity. Unite and the workers are keen now to continue our work with the company to build upon JLR’s proud reputation for making some of the best vehicles in the world.”

Unite said it was hopeful that the new deal would lead to the creation of thousands of jobs at the car firm’s Midlands and Liverpool sites.

The endorsement of the pay deal follows last month’s announcement by JLR that it had reversed plans to close either Castle Bromwich or Solihull, and was to pump £5 billion into the company, with a range of new models. JLR has vowed to create thousands of new jobs in Britain over the next decade as increases in the model range boost global volumes across its markets worldwide.

A JLR employee bulletin on the pay offer said: “The company’s offer of a two-year pay and conditions agreement provides much needed predictability and stability for the company and employees.”