Midland car giant Jaguar Land Rover made an after-tax profit of about £55 million in the last quarter of last year after wholesale volumes grew 28 per cent.

Indian owner Tata Motors revealed JLR was supported by better market environment and sustained cost reduction efforts, with sales rising particularly in North America, Europe and China.

Land Rover grew 34 per cent aided by continued strong market reception to the 2010 model year vehicles launched earlier during the year. Jaguar volumes grew 11.5 per cent led by strong growth of XF while the production of the X-Type, as announced earlier, ceased by the end of the quarter.

JLR’s results helped Tata to post a £92.7 million net profit for the quarter to December 2009.

Tata Motors’ sales volume for the quarter stood at 165,413 vehicles – a growth of 67.5% over sales of 98,760 vehicles in the third quarter of the previous financial year, which witnessed steep decline in volumes impacted by the financial crisis.