The chairman of the Institute of Directors in the West Midlands has made a renewed call for action, not more words, on the Government’s promises to cut business red tape.

John Rider said: “The Government’s announcement of a yet another move to gather de-regulatory suggestions from the public is met with scepticism by the IoD.

“The latest ‘Red Tape Challenge’ follows hot on the heels of the Government’s ‘Your Freedom’ website for citizen-led de-regulatory suggestions and the last government’s ‘Better Regulation Portal’. 

“Neither predecessor of this ‘Red Tape Challenge’ made any difference to businesses on the ground.  The IoD are concerned that this two-year initiative could waste vital time that would be better used tackling known regulations now.”

Despite these concerns, today the IoD has submitted 266 detailed regulatory case studies to the Government.  These proposals were shared with the previous Government, but resulted in no changes to the key areas.

Mr Rider added: “The IoD is concerned that the ‘Red Tape Challenge’ will have as little impact as previous government efforts. 

“The truth is that the Government knows where the regulatory ‘bodies are buried’.  It’s not a case of asking businesses for suggestions again and again, it about getting on with the tough decisions that de-regulation requires.”