Campaigners have attacked proposals to create a giant waste incinerator in Warwickshire.

The plans, outlined in the Warwickshire Waste Strategy, are for a plant to deal with 200,000 tonnes of waste each year.

Friends of the Earth has accused Warwickshire County Council of covering up the plans and failing to consult the public properly.

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Keith Kondakor, of Nuneaton Friends of the Earth, only discovered the plans when he put in a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

He said: "The document is so highly flawed. I was outraged. It showed the list of options to do with numerous recycling possibilities or whether we should chuck everything into an incinerator."

Kalen Ward, of Warwickshire County Council's waste management department, confirmed the local authority was proposing an incinerator.

"That is what we are proposing in our strategy, but the strategy is just a framework document," she said.

"What we have got to do in the next couple of years is look at the options and determine what size incinerator we need and where we can put it."