Dear Editor, Some people, including myself, are either republicans or not interested in the Queen and her family.

It is about time that a modern nation like ours moved on and away from all the pomp and circumstance, and cut ties with monarchy and became a modern vibrant republic in all its democratic forms.

It absolutely amazes me how new modern nations like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Jamaica, etc can still have the Queen as their head of state.

It still promotes an imperial attitude long gone and a link to an era when Britain ruled the waves, which thankfully it doesn’t anymore even though many in the British establishment think it does.

Being a republic will not stop bringing tourists to our nation, as modern monarchists keep warning us, because we have the history and the historical ties – and that will carry on.

I agree we are probably not ready for that transition just yet and it would probably be wise to allow the Queen to reign over us until she dies. After that is another story, and it leads this nation into unknown territory.

If we choose the “carry on regardless” route and decide not to seize the moment for republicanism, then it will be a great chance missed.

Ian Payne, Walsall

Dear Editor, To the ones who berate the Queen and want a republic, I suggest that they go and live in China, North Korea or one of the Middle Eastern countries.

They would soon change their tune.

We can see what nationalism did for Germany and Russia when they got rid of their monarchies – fascism and communism.

It is the monarchies that help to keep Europe steady. Therefore, I say let us bring back all the monarchies that used to exist in Europe.

D Lawrence, Weoley Castle