Solihull & Shirley I were relegated in their last Ladies Division One match of the season despite Carol Hunt and Carol Moran being unbeaten in the 5-1 win over KRS, writes David Wilson.

Broadway I confirmed their status as the top men's side once again after defeating KRS 1 6-3. Steve Pemberton, with Leroy Campbell, led the way with two wins while Chris Tonks and Tim Lawrence won all three for the losers.

Despite an undefeated performance by John Hudson with Tom Whitehouse, Soli-hull & Shirley were on the receiving end of a last-game 5-4 defeat to KRS. However, they themselves are in danger of being involved in a relegation battle.

To complete an indifferent week for the Handsworth side, Broadway's second mixed side won 5-4. Sid Phull, with Jeanette Cotterill, and Simon Goodwin, with Leigh Beesley, took two games each.

Four Oaks' first sides have already won all three sections in Division Two and the men concluded their fixtures with a 7-2 win over Central. Matt Gregory, with Ben Loach, and Matt Jeans, with Paul Cope, were undefeated.

The Hotshot ladies duo of Fiona MacNaughton and Durinda Fullerton remained unbeaten in their 5-1 win over Solihull & Shirley II.

Solihull's Andy Kitching, with Jessica Hogan, and Nigel Field, with Judy Warrington, won two games each in a 5-4 win over Lighthall in mixed Division Two.

Warwickshire's third inter-county side finished the season off in style after defeating Northamptonshire's seconds at St Augustines, Coventry.

Coventry's Kate Strong and Birmingham University's Alice Walters each won four games each in the 13-2 victory.

They won their singles, against Rebecca White and Cathy Parker, 11-3, 11-1 and 11-1, 11-1, respectively, and won two ladies doubles and mixed doubles with Ben Stawski and Tim Summer-field. Sue Lee won a further three games for the side while Stawski, Summerfield, Peter Wiley and Sharon Mcguire contributed two wins each.