Dear Editor, You hear a lot in the news about the failings of modern society but not so much about the positive side.

A year ago I was interested in joining a drama group.  

I called several numbers and either the groups were disbanding or had fallen apart years ago.

Many of those who answered seemed to spell doom and gloom for the aspiring theatrical type, who like myself, just wants to ‘have a go and find out if they can do it’.

Since then I’ve performed in two plays with the Billesley Players and we are rehearsing our next show, Comic Potential by Alan Ayckbourn, for the Old Rep on May 28-29. It’s an amazing experience and one I’d thoroughly recommend.

The brilliant thing is since moving to the new premises (The New Billesley Pub) we seem to be attracting lots of new members and the word is spreading.

I’d just like to say to all those whose groups folded and who last January sounded so perplexed with the way modern society was going – who told me modern people don’t have time for theatre rehearsals any more – to have a bit more faith.

It’s been a joy learning new skills and making friends!

Should anyone want to give it a go – and they really should – visit for more info or just come and see the play: that’s how most of us got started! 


Am Dram Convert

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