Hotshots are the only realistic contenders to stop Broadway from retaining the mixed Division One title of The Birmingham League.

Their 6-3 win over Birmingham University students was due to the unbeaten performance from Darren Alekna with Debbie Beeston-Smith. Trevor Hampson with Janet Walker won two further games.

Both Solihull & Shirley and Bidgley Power enjoyed heavy victories in Mens Division One. Solihull's Rob Forrester with Jo Hulse and John Hudson with Tom Whitehouse remained in top form in an 8-1 win over KRS.

Bidgley's Alfia Mia with Imran Basher and Wang Wenjie with Hui Nguyen helped their side to a 7-2 win over Broadway II.

The University ladies combination of Alice Walters and Doris Yang remained undefeated in a 4-2 over Solihull & Shirley and SGN recorded the same 4-2 score over KRS in Ladies Division One.

Four Oaks men's side registered their seventh consecutive win in Division Two to confirm the division title. The 8-1 win over Poplar was due to the undefeated combinations of Matt Jeans with Paul Cope and Ben Loach with Matt Gregory.

Holy Trinity won again in Mixed Division Two. Mark Hatton and Lesley Broadway were on song in a 6-3 win over Poplar. ..SUPL: