Given the somnolent ruminations that preceded his arrival it should, perhaps, be considered good news that Wolverhampton Wanderers and Glenn Hoddle are keen to resolve the manager's future as soon as possible.

Hoddle yesterday followed his chief executive's lead by confirming that he is due to meet Jez Moxey before the end of the season to thrash out whether their professional relationship will extend into a second campaign.

The decision to bring forward discussions is a welcome side effect of last weekend's final confirmation that Wolves will not be leaving The Championship after Derby County's win over Sheffield United ensured Wanderers' fate was sealed by the time they drew with Coventry City.

The former England manager was due to discuss his future with the Molineux club at the end of this season but he and Moxey have expressed their intention to bring forward their scheduled meeting.

While he has always steadfastly refused to commit himself to Wolves, Hoddle does appreciate the benefit of early clarification.

"I have spoken to Jez about it," Hoddle said. "There is the possibility that it will be brought forward.

"Those communications will start over the next ten days, I would have thought something would be sorted out without a doubt when the season has ended. "Over the next two weeks I have got some things that I need to talk to Jez about and Jez, I am sure, has got things he needs to talk to me about."

There is a temptation to try to read something into anything Hoddle says on the subject but there can be no doubt that, from his point of view, during those early exchanges he will want Moxey to impress him with the club's ambition.

It is a word Hoddle uses himself. "I have enjoyed every minute I have had here but it is not about that," he said, "it is about whether the club is happy with the work I have done and the nitty-gritty things we have not spoken about like ambitions."

Which will mean Hoddle will expect his own desires of managing in the top flight to be reciprocated and that could mean the club giving him a sizeable war-chest with which to mount an assault for promotion.

Instead he preferred to praise the current squad for embarking on a run of only one defeat in 21 league matches.

He said: "I have enjoyed working with the players who have taken on board a lot of the things that we have worked at.

"They have put in a lot of effort and worked hard. I couldn't have asked for more excect for perhaps a few more just rewards in points terms.

"We would be so close if we won some of the draws we have got.

"We would have been in third position let alone top six."