Now that we have nothing to play for apart from pride, it's time for the powers that be at Molineux to sort out the club's future.

Glenn Hoddle has to stay - it's as simple as that.

Will the Wolves board be able to match his ambitions in terms of team strengthening?

Will they make him an attractive offer to manage our club?

Well the answer to that has to be a big fat yes.

If our club can justify Jez Moxey's £500,000-plus Premiership salary then they must justify giving Hoddle the money to stay.

If they can't afford his wages then Jez should stump up some of the extra cash to pay for Hoddle's stay.

Why did he even get a such a pay hike anyway?

Oh yes sorry I forgot, for getting us to the Premiership. I wonder if his salary has returned to its previous level now we're back in the Championship? I doubt it.

He can't be blamed completely for our failure but as the MD the buck stops with him.

If it wasn't his fault he should have spoken out.

No in my eyes it's simple. Hoddle has to stay.

Ok we have drawn a lot of games, but next year that will change.

Those draws will become wins and this team will take some stopping.

Let's just hope that the board can see what us fans can see.

Otherwise John Gregory and Kevin Keegan will be dusting off their CVs, and we will be looking at a less appealing future altogether.