Dear Editor, Your article (Problems posed by new payslip data, Post, February 23) ) is right to say that the way employers and HMRC handle payroll data will soon change.

Employers will use Real Time Information (RTI) to tell HMRC about PAYE payments as they are made – as opposed to the current annual, end-of-year reporting system.

The time table, however, is not onerous. All employers will report through RTI by October 2013.

RTI will bring PAYE into the 21st century by making it easier for them, for pension providers and for HMRC to administer as well as more accurate for individuals.

Small employers will be able to download HMRC’s free Basic PAYE Tools to calculate PAYE deductions and send in their RTI.

It is also wrong to suggest that there will be confusion among employees as they get used to “leavers statements”.

Plans to introduce a leaver statement instead of a P45 have been shelved, after consultation with employers.

More information on RTI can be found on the HMRC website

Jane Brothwood

Software Developers’ Support Team