"Father" Andrew Hill with giant rabbits Roberto (left) and Amy at Wookey Hole, near Wells, Somerset. Animal cruelty campaigners have criticised the stunt in which the two rabbits were married in a mock wedding ceremony.

The stunt was billed as the UK's first rabbit wedding.

The rabbits are both more than 3ft long and each weighs just under three stone.

Roberto, aged three, is 3ft 6in long and is believed to be the biggest rabbit in the world.

RSPCA spokeswoman Joanna Barr said: "We would be opposed to anything that would cause distress or suffering to animals and we are opposed to the dressing up of animals as it belittles them."

Roberto's owner, Annette Edwards, said: "These animals are totally spoilt and very well looked after. What is cruel is the large number of rabbits that are left uncared for in their hutches."