A Birmingham MP has demanded the Government cuts down on its booze budget.

New official figures show the Government holds a stockpile of wine, beer and spirits worth around £647,000.

The "Hospitality Wine Cellar", as it is officially called, is home to 35,000 bottles.

The average bottle in the cellar costs more than £18.

MP John Hemming (Lib Dem Yardley) said: "Why don't they go down to their local supermarket?

"They could get a decent bottle for £7 or so, or a bottle of plonk for £2."

He added: "The idea that the Government needs such a huge hospitality stash is barmy. Jamie Oliver's website recommends a £3.99 screw top bottle of rose, but clearly Ministers have more expensive taste.

"Wine lovers everywhere will scoff at the idea that, while they are paying £7.7 billion a year in booze tax, politicians are enjoying fine vintages for free."