Dear Editor, Why is it that, whenever there is a feature in The Post about Farmers’ Markets, Moseley’s always gets a mention ahead of everyone else (“Real Food from Real People” Post 12.12.2008)?

Yes, I know it’s a superb and well-patronised market and I cannot disagree with Richard McComb’s statement that it’s the “grand-daddy of them all”, but Harborne has an excellent Farmers’ Market too.

Perhaps Richard would care to step out of Moseley and pay a visit to Harborne High Street on every second Saturday of the month and he will see that Harborne’s version, whilst it may not be as long-established or as large as Moseley’s, it is definitely something to brag about!

When I was there this morning, there must have been at least a dozen stalls, simply heaving with Christmas poultry, a wonderful veg stall, soups, honeys, pies, breads, wine, fruit juices - the list is endless. I certainly could have purchased most of the ingredients for my Christmas dinner on this morning’s showing in B17.

And if Lashfords are looking to replace their recently terminated outlet at House of Fraser, they would be very welcome at Harborne Farmers’ Market - we’d love to see them there! I am sure their sausages would fit well into the selection of produce on offer in Harborne - far more than Divine chocolate (as per the image in Mr. McComb’s feature) which is sourced from Ghana!

Michele Platman (Mrs.)


Donation is just the tonic

Dear Editor, Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charities acknowledges with grateful thanks the generous donation of £478 from PEARS following the recent PA of the Year competition.

Please will you also pass on our thanks to everyone who supported the raffle, we very much appreciate your members getting behind our appeal, which aims to raise £1.5 million to move our renal unit into a brand new state-of-the-art home.

Thanks to supporters like you, we are hoping to make the move late summer 2009 and the patients are excited – there is a definitely a buzz about the unit from the staff and parents too!

We’re positive it will provide the kind of environment the children richly deserve and in doing so will help relieve their anxiety, improve their treatment experience and ultimately aid quicker healing.

So once again, thank you so much for all your efforts.

Fidelis Hynam

Corporate Fundraising


Birmingham Children’s



Thanks for vital heart disease cash

Dear Editor, I write to thank your readers who have so kindly supported the life-saving work of the British Heart Foundation (BHF) over the past year, by giving a donation in memory of their loved ones.

These donations have enabled us to continue investing in pioneering heart research, along with local services such as the funding of BHF nurses, the provision of life-saving equipment, and training of the general public in emergency lifesavingskills.

Heart disease touches us all, and it is likely that we will all be affected at some stage in our lives, either personally, or through family or friends. It is indiscriminate, unpredictable and can affect anyone of any age.

Sadly every year thousands of people have their lives cut tragically short as a result of heart disease, and for those who survive life can be frightening and hard. As the nation’s heart charity, the BHF is totally committed to preventing lives from being devastated by heart disease, but we rely upon the generosity of the general public to enable us to continue our vital work.

Choosing to donate to the BHF in lieu of flowers at a funeral is a very special way of commemorating a loved one, meaning that money collected in tribute of them will help save and improve many lives, keeping more families together. Thank you once again to those who donated to our worthy cause, for thinking of the BHF during an extremely difficult time, and helping us to save lives.

Donna Stokes

BHF Fundraising Manager,#

British Heart Foundation