The mother of a woman found hanged with her two young sons has told how her daughter became lonely after swapping Bangladesh for Britain.

Musannat Mumtahana, aged 22, and her children, Reheem Miah, two, and oneyear-old Nahim Miah, were discovered dead at their home, in Handsworth, Birmingham, earlier this month.

In a statement issued after their deaths, Shuhal Miah said his wife "was the most beautiful gentle person" and his two sons "were my pride and joy, who had their whole lives to live for".

But the little boys' maternal grandmother has revealed how her daughter struggled with life in England.

Mahmuda, aged 42, told the Observer: "From the very first day that she went [to Birmingham] she did not like it there.

"She did not speak the language and, although she was a patient girl, she was very lonely and missed being able to see or visit us.

"We didn't even have any close relatives there who could go and visit her often."

Neighbours said the young woman rarely ventured out of doors and, without good English, probably became more lonely and isolated.

Her mother added: "When I heard the news, my life became dark.

"I cannot believe that my beautiful daughter would ever commit suicide. She was such a patient, polite girl, she could never kill her own children.

"No-one has as yet told me anything in detail. We don't know why she died, how she died, if something had happened in the past week that made her desperate."

An inquest into the three deaths was opened by a coroner and adjourned. No-one else is being sought in connection with their deaths, said police.