Jonathan Greening will today discover if his sending-off for West Bromwich Albion against Aston Villa is to be rescinded.

The Albion midfield player was dismissed, along with Villa's Liam Ridgewell, after a spat in Sunday's match at Villa Park.

Bryan Robson, the Albion manager, has lodged a claim for wrongful dismissal, although Villa have accepted Ridgewell's punishment and will not take that particular matter further.

Ridgewell felt a sense of injustice - he criticised referee Rob Styles for an "overreaction" - but Greening refused to talk about the matter.

Albion's claim will be heard by a disciplinary commission today and a decision could come quickly. Ridgewell will be suspended for three matches, as will Greening if the red card is upheld.

Kevin Campbell, the Albion striker, has emphasised the need for the club to rid itself of the tag of "yo-yo" outfit. Albion moved out of the bottom three in the Premiership for the first time since mid-November after drawing 1-1 at Villa on Sunday.

"A lot of people talk about Albion as being a yo-yo club," Campbell said. "We want to get rid of that tag. We want to be able to go up and stay up. That is vitally important because when you stay up, the next three teams that come up are regarded as the relegation fodder so you move up a rank.

"You get the money, you can strengthen, you've already done a season in the top flight and the next season becomes a little bit easier.

"I'm enjoying the challenge of fighting against relegation. I've been here before. Albion have been written off all season and it would be nice to try and address that 'bottom of the league at Christmas and not staying up' record.

"We believe we can stay up. It's going to be a hard road ahead but with six games to go and we've just moved out of the bottom three, who is to say we can't do it. It's in our hands now. If we could get the right results now, we will stay up.

"It's a squad thing. We're all in it together and no one is sulking or anything like that about coming off or not starting.

"Paul Robinson has been a fantastic player for us. He has been one of the unsung heroes. The back five have been fantastic. It is great Robbo pops up with a goal because he epitomises the changes in the team and the progression in the team.

"He has been one of our top performers. It's really nice to see him score and everyone is chuffed for him. I don't anyone could believe he was in there to be honest. That's his first goal but he got it when we needed it.

"Bryan Robson, being the player he was, has got a big stature as a manager. He has got broad shoulders and sometimes things don't go well at the start.

"Now he's had a bit of time to work with the squad, you have started to see the benefits and with a bit of luck we could repay the faith he has shown in the players.

"Nigel Pearson [Robson's assistant] has been fantastic too along with all the coaching side. They have been first class.

"The stature of Bryan Robson is going to rub off on the team. When Bryan speaks, you listen. It's the same with Nigel Pearson. They have walked the walk and talked the talk.

"We have to be competitive because it is a competitive business. If you are not competitive, then you lose. To be able to hang on in there and compete, when the breaks aren't going for you, to keep going right to the end, is testament to the lads.

"If Albion stay up, it would be number one because a lot of people don't realise how hard it is to actually stay in the Premiership.

"Obviously, you've got to apply yourself and put the work in but it does become a little bit easier.

"We're just out of the bottom three and who would have thought that was possible a month ago. The confidence is high but we have to keep everyone's feet on the ground and concentrate on the next game. That's important for us and no slackness."