A 74-year-old granny who smuggled drugs in her bra to her son at Stafford Prison was yesterday jailed for 15 months.

Edna Arthur appeared at Stafford Crown Court for sentence and admitted possessing cannabis with intent to supply. She also admitted possessing cannabis.

Earlier this year she had been given a nine months suspended prison sentence at Worcester Crown Court for smuggling heroin and cannabis into Blakenhurst Prison, near Evesham,

Judge Paul Glenn told Arthur of Shortwood Court, Wigston Road, Coventry: "You are 74 years of age and will be 75 next month. Sadly you have a relevant conviction. Two months before these matters you received a suspended sentence for similar sort of offences. You are now in breach of that sentence."

He said he took account of her age and vulnerability. Arthur walked into court using a stick

Carol Knotts, prosecuting, said Arthur was seen on closed circuit television in the visitors' area at Stafford jail passing cannabis to her son when she visited him in October.

She was taken to a room and asked if she had anything on her and she produced from her bra another package with 6.5 grammes of cannabis, said Miss Knotts.

"When she was arrested she said: 'I know, I know. I've got a record'."

Arthur admitted passing the cannabis and had done it because her son said he was fed up and needed something to help, the court heard.