Renowned graffiti artist Aerosol Arabic pitched up at the Bullring shopping centre to create a unique and interactive piece of artwork as part of the Bullring Art Project.

Visitors and Twitter users were asked to provide suggestions of happiness, hope and optimism to inspire Aerosol Arabic, while he was creating the mural at Rotunda Square.

Shoppers at the centre were also encouraged to swap their shopping bags for markers to add their own words of happiness to the artwork.

Aerosol Arabic, whose real name is Mohammed Ali, said:  “It has been great taking art to Bullring shoppers with positive messages that uplifted the spirits of the people of Birmingham.

"Seeing so many people getting involved via Twitter and feeding me their thoughts as inspiration for the art piece renews my belief that art is a powerful means of bringing people together.”

Louise Hamer-Brown, Marketing Controller at Bullring, added: “Tweeffiti has been a huge success for us. We look forward to the year ahead with more events and activities planned offering even more reasons to feel happy during 2010.”

The Bullring Art Project encourages Midlanders to shout about what makes them feel happy through a new website and schedule of events.

Visitors to will be able to upload and share their feelgood and optimistic images, artwork, writing, videos or music.

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