Graffiti artist Victor X has created an image of the Birmingham skyline filled with crows to commemorate the arrival of the a cult film club in the city this week.

The Jameson Cult Film Club will be screening Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror film The Birds at St Paul's Church, in the Jewellery Quarter, on Thursday.

The film club brings its screenings to life through actors, props and extra surprises to give audiences a more involved experience of movies.

To celebrate its first film showing in Birmingham, Jameson Cult Film Club commissioned Victor X, creative director of the arts collective Graffiti4hire, to provide artwork inspired by The Birds.

And, for the Halloween special film night, St Paul's Church will be transformed into the ‘Bodega Bay Chapel’ for one evening, when guests will be able to explore the church and surrounding graveyard, unaware of where demonic crows might be lurking.

Guests can also enjoy free cocktails. 

For free tickets to this event, sign up to the Jameson Cult Film Club at or visit

Other events in the current season will see London and Manchester as venues for screenings of The Blair Witch Project, Back To The Future, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers and The Usual Suspects.

The Jameson Cult Film Club aims to return to Birmingham in 2012.