Birmingham City chairman David Gold has hit out at the Football Association for putting faith in another foreign coach in Fabio Capello, who has officially started work as Steve McClaren's successor as England coach.

Gold wants FIFA to make it "a legal requirement" for all footballing nations in the top 64 in the world to have to appoint a home-grown coach.

Gold understands the FA's predicament in needing to bring in who they think is most ideally suited for the role. But he admits it will take some of the gloss off any glory England achieve in the future because a foreigner is at the helm, and he echoed the same sentiments when Sven-Goran Eriksson was in charge.

Gold said: "I will say now that Capello has been appointed, and is officially taking up his job from this week, that I will be 100% supportive of him.  I will be wishing him well, he is a fantastic coach and I'll be wishing England well.

"But I am sad. I understand it is very difficult for the FA because they are driven by a requirement for success and clearly not morality. That is the dominant judgement that they take - how can we get success?

"If they could win the Euro Championships or the World Cup and were allowed to do so, they would play 11 foreigners. That is how ridiculous the situation has become because it is so dominated by the desire for success.

"I do understand the fans who say 'I don't care, I just want success'. I understand that. I understand the FA saying we need to have success because of the finance.  I understand all of the reasons. However, it doesn't make it right.

"Capello could win the World Cup with us, then leave us and go to Spain and win the Euros. Then he could go to Brazil and win the World Cup with Brazil. What potty arrangement is that?"

Gold added: "Capello is a brilliant manager and if it wasn't the national side, I'd say 'great', but this is our national side. There are lots and lots of national sides that would never dream of having an overseas manager.

"I am sad but equally realise the driving force behind the decision and probably, if I was Brian Barwick, regrettably I would probably do the same thing.

"How would I protect myself just in case I ever became the chief executive of the FA? I tell you how. I think FIFA and UEFA should apply the same rules to the managers as they do to the players.

"By that I mean you must be English to manage England, Spanish to manage Spain etc. It should be a legal requirement.
"Times are changing and the manager of the national side is more high profile than the players so when I get up in the morning I'm going to see an Italian on TV hardly speaking a word of English telling me how we are going to win the World Cup.

"I tell you if an Italian wins us the World Cup for England I am really going to be very excited by that! Even if England won it, it will take some of the gloss off it for me."