Birmingham chairman David Gold has claimed it will be "the most nonsensical thing in football" if England appoint another foreign coach to succeed Sven- G^ran Eriksson.

Gold insisted it was a mistake, when Eriksson succeeded Kevin Keegan, to appoint a non-English coach to take charge of the national side.

He admits Eriksson has a golden chance of lifting the World Cup in Germany next summer given the talent currently at his disposal.

But Gold believes there is enough talent with the likes of Alan Curbishley, Steve McClaren and his own Blues manager Steve Bruce to eventually replace Eriksson with an English coach.

Gold said: "The idea of sacking the England manager at this stage is inconceivable. You have to stick with the man through to the World Cup.

"You have now made your bed and you now have to lie in it now. Then, if he fails to get you to the final stages, you make a decision then about him.

"At the moment we have to stick with Sven and cheer England on next summer and hope they do well. Sven has got a wonderful opportunity to win the World Cup for England with the best squad of England players we've had for many years. I wish him well and hope he achieves it.

"But I go back to the radio interview I did after the first game we played in the Premier League over three years ago and I said it was a mistake employing an overseas coach."

"When Sven moves on, if we pick a foreign coach again I think it will be the most nonsensical thing in football. We have talented people in this country.

"You've got plenty to choose from. Alan Curbishley would make a great England manager. Steve Bruce would also and Steve McClaren is in the frame. I have continued to lobby for an English coach and I hope we take it on board next time."

Gold insisted: "I believe we will look back in 100 years from now and Sven will be the only foreign coach ever to manage the England team.

"This idea that you employ an overseas coach to look after the national team is wrong. That's not to say that Sven isn't a very nice man or a good manager but I don't want an overseas manager managing my national side.

"It would be the same if I was Swedish and I got up in the morning and saw the national manager on television being foreign and talking to me in broken Swedish, I wouldn't want it."