Redheads have been celebrating their fiery roots at Moseley’s first ever Ginger Fest.

In between sucking down pints of ginger beer, strawberry blonde beer and red wine, participants took part in fiery-haired antics including a ginger quiz, an inner beauty pageant and voting on their favourite red-headed celebrity.

The event, which doubled as a handy sheltering spot for fair-haired gingers during the heatwave, was staged as part of Moseley Festival.

Organiser of Ginger Fest, Rob Benson, said: “Gingers are obviously the best people in the world, so we thought we would organise an event to celebrate that.

“A lot of people are jealous of ginger people, it’s the least common hair colour on earth. I get the occasional comment, I just put it down to small mindedness.

"People would rather be ginger than any other hair colour. I’m proud to be ginger, and other people should be too.”

Festival goer Joanna Palmer, whose 18-month-old son Frankie is a gingernut, said: “We’re celebrating all things ginger. Why not celebrate it, my son’s ginger, he’s got flaming red hair and we want to show him that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

“We want him to know we’ve been celebrating gingerness since the day he was born. It’s all about being proud. Ginger is the new blonde. Chris Evans is our favourite ginger, because he gets all the girls. My son’s going to grow up to get all the girls as well.”

She added: “We’ve got some orange lollipops to hand out to people to help them celebrate all things ginger.”

Owners of the inaugural Ginger Festival venue, the Fighting Cocks pub, were even good enough to lay on the favourite food of Gingers – Ginger Nuts.

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