A pack of Newfoundland Dogs will be giving weary festive shoppers a helping hand in Cannock Forest in Staffordshire in aid of charity.

The dogs have been recruited by the Forestry Commission to help cart Christmas trees back to visitors' cars at the Birches Valley Visitor Centre, near Rugeley, on December 1. The gentle giants, which weigh up to 12 stone, will be raising funds for the Midlands Air Ambulance through donations for each tree transported.

Also known as Newfies, the Canadian dogs are known for their double-thick coats and webbed feet.

Yvonne Bone from the Aqua Nova Water Bears training club, which cares for the animals, said: "They are wonderful with children, but they are such a big dog they are more of a lifestyle than that of a pet. Newfies are a little known-breed in the UK, but we are dedicated to keeping them active doing the things they were bred for."