Health bosses in Warwick-shire have set up a public forum group to work with NHS managers and staff as part of a major review of services across the county.

The acute service review of all primary care and hospital trusts will liaise with the Patient Representative Forum to help shape the future for their hospitals.

The forum will look at information and review the issues facing hospital services in Coventry and Warwick-shire. Its comments and ideas will be used to advise the review board, which will decide what options should be considered and taken to public consultation in March.

Dr Mark Newbold, project director and managing director at Hospital of St Cross in Rugby, said: "Before public consultation can begin, the different ideas and options need to be produced and considered and ensuring that local people are involved in planning and developing these is vitally important.

"We expect debates with patient groups and clinicians will produce ideas by March 2006, when a three-month public consultation will be launched giving everyone the chance to look at the suggestions and add their views through public meetings."