An iPod, one year's road tax or a European city break are just some of the things you can buy for a slice of residential space in Birmingham smaller than the size of a road atlas.

Property experts have calculated the cost of one square foot in the average Birmingham home to be £152.

The high price tag provides sharp focus to the ever-inflating housing market that continues to outprice many first-time buyers in the city.

Householders in Birmingham, however, get more for their money than in most other parts of the country.

A square foot in Central London would set you back £1,200. In Guild-ford, it would cost £249, while the same space in Cambridge would cost you £240.

In Brighton, it would be £232 while in Lincoln it's £190, £182 in York and £164 in Bristol.

Leeds was the only area looked at which was cheaper than Birmingham at £147 per square foot.