For production line worker David Branch, every day at the Longbridge plant for the last five years has been a bonus. That was the last crisis faced by the manufacturer which was eventually rescued by Phoenix Venture Holdings.

The hope and optimism that workers felt then has now distinctly turned sour.

"The mood is very low and people are angry with the way things are," said 52 year-old Mr Branch.

Mr Branch, who has been with Rover for 37 years, said he had been expecting the plant's closure for a long time.

"We've been waiting for this day for the last five years. Every year has been a bonus but I think this is it now."

Steve King, aged 39, who works on the assembly line believed the fault lay with the directors.

He said: "They have bled this company dry legally. There were supposed to be new models being made but there haven't been.

"MG will have a future but if Ford, for example, takes over they can build a factory wherever they like - they'll just buy the badge and won't have to stay in the Midlands."