The views of 23,000 Birmingham businesses on the future of New Street Station are to be sent to the Government in an effort to turn up the pressure for a complete redevelopment of the hub.

Fears emerged last week in a report by passenger transport executive Centro about the security of Government development funding for the planned £350 million rebuild of the station.

Now the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce is to survey its members on the future of the station.

Jerry Blackett, policy director at the Chamber and chairman of the West Midlands Business Transport Group, said: " There are extremely demanding conditions that must be satisfied before the Government will release the necessary funding.

"We have to make the case irresistible to the Government and that includes a sizeable response of quality that clearly demonstrates the strength of feeling about the importance of a New Street Station re-development."

The survey, the results of which will be included in the business case to go to Transport Secretary Alastair Darling in November, takes into account the economic impact on companies.

The research offers two alternatives, the complete and radical re-development or the low-cost makeover which was first mooted by owners Network Rail in 2002.