The Queen considered stepping down following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, according to a new film.

The movie, which stars Dame Helen Mirren as the Queen, centres on the tumultuous week following Diana's death in 1997.

It alleges that the public's anger towards the Royal Family left the Queen so shocked that she considered abdicating.

In the film, which is released next month, the Queen is walking with her mother in the gardens of Balmoral when she tells her: "When you no longer understand your people, maybe it's time to hand over to the next generation."

The Queen Mother reassures her, telling her daughter not to be taken in by "that silly Mr Blair with his Cheshire Cat grin".

Those behind the film, including the scriptwriter, insist the scene is the result of research.

Diana is not played by an actress but is featured in news and archive documentary footage.

Dame Helen is tipped to get an Oscar nomination for her role in the film, which is directed by Stephen Frears. Tony Blair is played by Michael Sheen and the Duke of Edinburgh by James Cromwell.