One of Britain's best-known industrial statues has relocated from London to its Solihull home.

Four Men, created in 1958 by sculptor David Wynne, depicts a team of four people pulling on a rope, symbolising teamwork, and is thought to be the largest monolithic granite sculpture created since the days of the Pharaohs.

Made from granite quarried in Cornwall, the statue is 18ft long, seven feet high and four feet wide.

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For almost 40 years the statue stood outside the offices of house build-ers Taylor Woodrow on Hangar Lane, Ealing, before moving to the company's then headquarters in Southall, West London in the 1990s.

When Taylor Woodrow moved to Solihull in 2002, the sculpture was put into storage. Councillor David Bell, Solihull cabinet member for local services, said: "This is an important and impressive piece of work and I'm sure everyone who sees it will have an opinion about it."