A woman is still recovering in hospital after being hurled 50ft when a car broke off a fairground ride and smashed into a fast food stall.

Jessica Oseland, from Wolverhampton, suffered spinal injures after she was thrown with a friend from the Orbiter ride in Moxley Park, Bilston, Wolverhampton, on Friday night.

She was moved from New Cross Hospital yesterday to another unnamed hospital after her condition was described as comfortable.

The other woman, who suffered head, neck and back injuries, was released from hospital after treatment on Saturday.

The duo, in their 20s, were on the octopus-shaped ride when their rotating car broke away, dropping 20ft to the ground and disintegrating before spinning into a fast food stall 30ft away.

An investigation is being carried out into the cause of the accident, which happened just before 8pm at Jones's funfair, in Great Bridge Road.

Fairground owner Harry Jones, who closed the fair as soon as it happened, said he could not comment but his thoughts were with the women and their families.

The fair re-opened on Saturday, although the Orbiter had been dismantled by health and safety officials, but was closed yesterday afternoon.

Sub-officer Lee Walker, of Wednesbury fire station, said the women were sharing a car when it became detached.

"The car smashed into a fast food stall, with the women thrown clear just before impact," he said.

"They were badly shaken. Fortunately the ride had started only about 20 seconds earlier and was not up to full speed, otherwise they could have been more badly hurt. It was also amazing that no bystanders were hit."

Mr Walker said it appeared from initial inquiries that the fairground operators were blameless.

"The ride involved is inspected annually and was fully certificated. It seems this was simply a freak accident," he said.

Jimmy Williams, senior vice president of the Showman's Guild of Great Britain, said the safety record of rides in Britain was "very, very good" and that people have a one-in-38 million chance of being killed on a ride.

He added: "There will be an investigation by the Show-man's Guild to see what has taken place."

John Humphreys, chairman of the Midlands Section of the Guild, said: "Obviously accidents do happen but this sort of thing is so rare. There are up to 30 of these rides the he country and, in the more than 40 years I have been working in funfairs, I have never known one of them to go wrong.

"The ride recently under-went rigorous safety checks and we always check them every time they are dismantled.

"I hope this does not make people scared of using fairs because they are very safe."

The fair has been held in Bilston for the past 20 years and it expected to remain open until it moves on next week.