A former police officer who stabbed a Birmingham pastor and then burnt his body before dumping it in a car park has been jailed for life at the city's Crown Court.

In passing sentence on Sandra Fraser, Judge John Saunders QC said what she did to Edson Ennis, and the way she had treated him, was "evil".

"You have shown not one iota of remorse for what you did or compassion for the Ennis family who are the victims of this terrible crime.

"During this trial you have shown yourself not only to be capable of great violence but to be a devious and manipulative woman."

The judge said that Fraser, who had served four years as an officer in the Jamaican police force, had "cultivated " a friendship with 78-year-old Mr Ennis, a pastor at a Pentecostal church, with the sole purpose of stealing both property and money from him.

He said she had previously done this to another man, who was a witness in the case, and had already stolen Mr Ennis's pension from him by the time she killed him.

Judge Saunders said Fraser was in the process of attempting to transfer a property Mr Ennis had bought for her into their joint names.

He said in September last year Fraser and Mr Ennis had had an argument over her paying rent for the property in Elmcroft Avenue, Bartley Green, and there was a struggle during which Fraser (36) had been the aggressor.

Judge Saunders said the pastor was shouting for help and when he tried to get away Fraser had pinned him down.

She then persuaded her 16-year-old daughter to pass her a knife and stabbed the victim 13 times.

He said Fraser then enlisted her daughter's help to wrap Mr Ennis's body up and get it into a van.

The body, which had been wrapped in a tablecloth and bound up with parcel tape, was found burning in the car park of the Black Patch Community Lane in Foundry Lane, Smethwick, on September 4.

Fraser was found guilty of murder last week. Her daughter was acquitted of the same charge but will be sentenced at a later date after admitting a charge of perverting the course of justice.