English MPs must have the final say on laws which only affect England, Conservative leader David Cameron said yesterday.

He said the so-called West Lothian question, the anomaly where Scottish MPs can vote at Westminster on English-only matters but English MPs have no control over matters devolved to the Scottish Parliament, still had to be dealt with. "We do need to deal with the issue of the West Lothian question and I think ensuring that English MPs have the final say on issues that only affect England is a fair approach," Mr Cameron said.

"But we need to recognise that in Scotland there are still resentments and feelings that need to be addressed.

"I've made the point that a lot of people in Scotland get understandably upset when they come south and shops start looking at their money as if it's Monopoly money.

"We actually need some changes of attitude south of the border as well." The Tory leader's comments echo a speech he made on a visit to Scotland last month.

He added: "When the Westminster Parliament discusses issues which only affect English constituencies then we need to find a way of making sure that Members of Parliament sitting in English seats have the final say on that." He rejected claims that this would stir up antagonism between Scotland and England.