Adam Hardy, headteacher of Christ the King Catholic Primary in Kingstanding, believes enforcing quotas on faith schools is wrong.

"In real terms is wouldn't affect us because we are 35 per cent non-Catholics," he said.

"But I sure as hell wouldn't want to be told by anyone that we have to refuse Catholic children for the sake of a quota system, because they have a right to that education.

"As a parent, if I was told my children couldn't go to our local Catholic school because they had to let non-Catholics in I would be cheesed off.

"I chose where I live because it is near to our parish church and school. I wouldn't want that filled by someone who the faith means nothing to.

"It is undermining the principles upon which Catholic education was established many years ago by our parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

"They worked long and hard to build these schools and get them providing a very distinctive education."

Though the door is open to all faiths, Mr Hardy believes quotas could threaten the character of some Catholic schools.

"We have people who chose to send their children to a Catholic school because they want it irrespective of whether they are Catholics themselves," he said.

"What I always say to parents is our first reason for being here is we are a Catholic school to provide Catholic schooling to children."