Warwickshire County Cricket Club's chief executive will meet with police officers to discuss the implications of the alleged 'terror plot' on Edgbaston.

Colin Povey described as "a shock out of the blue" claims that two of the suicide bombers who blew themselves up in London on July 7 last year had originally been targeting the Second Test between England and Australia.

As reported in the Birmingham Post yesterday, bombers were allegedly instructed to get jobs as stewards at the Edgbaston cricket ground and spray sarin gas inside the changing rooms at the start of the match, on August 4.

"It is worrying," Povey said, "particularly if there is specific targeting of international matches. We will have a debrief with local police - as we always do after international matches - and see if there is anything we need to be doing.

"The general climate has changed and there has been an understanding that the general state of alert is quite high. But we have been given no indication that there has been any attempt to target Edgbaston. The first we knew about this was when we read the papers. I have no further information.

"I did receive a call at the start of September after a guy was arrested in the US of anti-terrorism charges. He had a ticket from the Test against Sri Lanka we hosted [in late May] with him and the security services wanted to know if we could provide any further information. It turned out that he had been a guest of the Daily Telegraph.

"I do find it hard to believe these terrorists would have been able to infiltrate the dressing rooms as is suggested. The inner core is well controlled and nobody can wander in - I certainly can't, so even if these two had been able to get jobs as stewards, it would have been very difficult for them to reach the players.

"When you have 20,000 people coming to games it is hard to make sure it is 100% safe. We could be dealing with people who don't care if they are caught or even killed.

"But we must do what we can to make it very difficult for them. We have proper searches on entry to the ground and a response plan in place should any incident take place."