The Jaguar E-type has been listed as one of 10 key historic objects to be proud of in the Midlands.

In a national project the BBC has teamed up with the British Museum to create ‘A History of the World’ to identify and celebrate historic objects that have helped define the region’s history and our future.

Museums across the country were asked to help choose more than 600 exhibits that they regard as iconic and the Jaguar E-type was featured for the Coventry and Warwickshire region.

Giles Taylor, chief designer for the XK, said: “While the design of the current XK is not directly influenced by the E-type, we are guided by the same design values today that created this car and some of the most iconic Jaguars over the years.

“With the XK, our design approach enabled us to create a modern interpretation of the E-type’s innate sense of artistry - the wonderful sleek form with clean surfaces and beauty of line, elements that define the very essence of a sporting Jaguar. At the time, the E-type was bold, impactful and very modern and you can say exactly the same about our current range of cars - the XK, XF and new XJ.”