The head office bakery of renowned Birmingham cake firm Druckers was back up and running today after being closed by council inspectors amid fears that a leaking roof may have caused food to be contaminated.

Production at the family-run patisserie’s bakery in Sarehole Road, Hall Green, was brought to a halt at 3.30pm on Monday after a spot check by city environmental health officers revealed a leak.

This was first reported on Friday, had worsened following torrential rain over the weekend.

Yesterday morning Birmingham magistrates ordered that the premises remain shut, but a spokesman for Druckers said that after a follow-up visit from environmental health officers yesterday afternoon they had been given the all-clear to resume business.

Sarah Russam, human resources manager for the firm, said: “Roofing and other contractors and an army of willing employees have together resolved the problems allowing the site to resume production at noon yesterday, following the all-clear from Birmingham City Council’s environmental health officers.

“All possible contaminated foods were disposed of as a matter of course on site at Sarehole Road.”

She said the incident meant 17 hours of production time was lost but it had not cost the company a lot of money, as was initially feared.

A Birmingham council spokeswoman said: “After a routine inspection environmental health officers found a leak. The company was given four orders to comply with. These included fixing the roof, thoroughly cleansing all the surfaces and areas where water may have leaked on to, and to rectify structural problems.”

It was the second time the Hall Green premises have been shut by environmental health inspectors. Production at the factory was halted in January 2005 after the site was found to have mice.