Dear Editor, Worcestershire currently gets one of the most rotten deals in the country in terms of per pupil school funding.

The government had promised to reply formally to the recent education consultation, (the enquiry into the inequalities in spending by Pricewaterhouse Coopers) by the end of January.

Here we are, nearly in March, and they STILL haven’t formally replied.

They are supposed to have looked at the unfair current funding formula, and made fair (we hope) some of the discrimination which exists within it against our county’s many thousands of children (and other f40 authorities’ children), who are all heavily penalised simply because of where they happen to live.

Now we suspect the government (DCSF) are holding off on the announcement until after the General Election, for fear of losing their urban voters (who of course all live in the best funded authorities!).

They have had 13 years to put the unfairness right. They were voted in (in good faith) on an “education, education, education” pledge.

I am completely fed up with waiting for something to be done.

We (f40) have provided solid proof galore over the last 13 years, of the gross discrimination which exists against our children, and now outrageously, it looks like votes are going to come before “fairness for all!”

Helen Donovan