A Worcestershire couple were among 25 couples who helped celebrate more than 1,000 years of marriage at Britain's unofficial wedding capital.

Marjorie and Kenneth Caswell, from Bromsgrove, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this Friday, after falling in love during a blind date at a cinema.

Couples from across England, who are all celebrating their golden and diamond wedding anniversaries this year, paid a flying visit to Gretna Green and gathered in the famous Old Blacksmith's Shop, before drinking champagne at a hotel in the town.

Marjorie, aged 68, said Gretna Green was very nearly the venue for their marriage as parental consent was a long time coming.

The great-grandmother said: "My parents didn't like Kenneth at first. Despite us courting for a whole year, they only gave me marriage perm ission with a lot of reluctance." ..SUPL: