A Birmingham businessman last night described how he and his wife were subjected to a terrifying ordeal by carjackers who ambushed the couple and hijacked their rare #28,000 car.

Newlyweds Burhaan Vanat and his wife Zainab (pictured) fought back and managed to wrestle a baseball bat from one of their attackers, leaving him with facial cuts.

However, the thug managed to jump into the driver's seat of their limited edition Audi RS4 and reversed at speed, dragging the couple along and hitting another car. He escaped despite attempts by a neighbour who gave chase in his car.

The Vanats were targeted in Potter's Bar, Hertfordshire, as they returned to a relative's home from a shopping trip in London.

Mr Vanat, aged 28, who runs a mobile phone business in Kings Heath High Street, suffered chest, ribs and back injuries and has been told not to return to work for up to eight weeks. His 25-year-old wife, a supervisor for Next, has head, hip and leg injuries.

Both were treated at Barnet General Hospital. Police said the couple, from Brandswood Road, Kings Heath, were fortunate not to have been even more seriously injured.

Mr Vanat said they had gone to London for the weekend for a friend's wedding and were returning to their cousin's home from the Brent Cross shopping centre on Sunday afternoon when they noticed they were being followed.

"We got onto the M25 towards Potters Bar when I noticed a Porsche," he said.

"I didn't see anything suspicious about it - I just noticed it because I'm really into cars.

"When I got to my cousin's house, I saw it was still following us which struck me as a bit of a coincidence because my cousin lives on a private estate.

"My cousin lives by a roundabout so I decided to go round it to see if the car was following me, but he just pulled up on to someone's driveway, so I just thought I was being paranoid.

"I carried on into my cousin's driveway and woke my wife up.

"I got out of the car and when I turned round there was a baseball bat coming towards my face.

"I was very scared. Everything was happening so fast.

"He hit me in the face and snatched my keys and that is when my wife turned into superwoman.

"She grabbed him and I was kicking him but he somehow got into the car.

"The driver's door of the car was still open and we were stood behind it and were still struggling with him when he started to go back.

"There was another car parked next to us in the drive and the open car door got stuck between the wing and the mirror of the parked car, damaging it.

"He must have been going back at about 30-40 miles an hour and we fell to the ground.

"While we were struggling, another guy turned up but I don't think he was expecting to see such a struggle - he just turned around and ran off.

"The next thing that happened was that family members came out and the police and ambulance arrived."

The carjacker, followed by the neighbour in his BMW, then meandered through St George's Day celebrations taking place in a nearby street, forcing people to clear the road. The Audi was later dumped damaged on a nearby street.

Mr Vanat added: "The police told us we were probably the victims of a random gang who were after our car. We only bought it a month ago for #28,000. It is a high-spec model and there were only 400 of them made.

"I do not think it will put me off driving it but my wife is quite scared of driving again. She works in Leicester and has to drive there every day.

"I am angry because I set up a new company six months ago and now I will have to take time off work."

Police said they were looking for three men in connection with the attack and believe a dark Porsche Cayenne and dark Range Rover were also used by the gang.