You may get a builder's mug of tea - but forget the extra slice of lard with your fry-up.

Greenhill Cafe in Hall Green has gone healthy in its effort to change with the times and compete against its big rivals. Where McDonald's has tried to sell a healthier range of salads, the 40-year-old Birmingham cafe has opted for a griddle, poached eggs and brown bread.

The venue is among other traditional British cafes supporting a campaign to save their bacon.

They fear continental-style coffee shops are pushing old-fashioned cafes out of the high street.

Manager Clive Pitts said while his cafe was popular, with a large percentage of regular customers, he was constantly competing against the chain of cafes, such as Starbucks and Coffee Republic. He said: "We are in no immediate danger but don't know what will happen in the long term."

He said it was not just extra competition that has hit the cafe, but a move towards healthier eating.

"We do fry-ups, but not ones swimming in grease. A lot of people are going for healthy eating so we are doing more poached eggs and brown bread."

Paul Harvey, of Birmingham-based HP Sauce, which is behind the campaign, said cafes were a "national institution", but he fears they may almost disappear by 2010 if their decline continues.